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SET, 13 years behind your success

About SET

SET has been responsible for the successful completion of 67 different projects along 13 years of life. Some of them took years to complete because its complexity, as others, just a moment of inspiration, but at that time SET was there for solving the all the challenges and the problem.


We help to solve problems and providing solutions on Controls, Instrumentation, Robotics, Quality Control, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity, across and through different industrial levels.

We have only one motto: "Your systems working right!".

Our Key Members

Alejandro Grajales



Claudia Domínguez


Industry Sales Specialist

Ron Black


Cybersecurity specialist

Ernst F. Kleinman


Technical Evangelist

Why Choose Us


Safety and security of your Business


Security it is a must. So you deserve the best intelligence for looking over your assets and your plant. 

Worldwide Community

​​​​​​​Our services are offered all over the world to our multi-language community of customers.

Strategy Development

We provide all our clients with a working strategy, based on professional analysis.

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